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A easy guide to making a Social Media or Content Calendar

What’s a social media calendar and what’s it for?

Firstly let’s ask ourselves…

Do you find it hard to be consistent on social media?

Do you sometimes find it hard to think of something to say?

I hear you. Sometimes I can be super consistent. 

Then things get busy.

Before you know it, it’s been a good few days or sometimes longer. In fact, sometimes I can’t even think of anything to say. Are you with me? You are not alone, in fact, it’s one of the biggest challenges in business to keep up with. 

Creating a calendar is hands down one the easiest, most efficient ways to plan out your content. It allows you stay on top of it if I write something down it will get down (I’m a tick box kinda worker, love a to-do list!) and ensures you never run out of ideas. Not only that but they you can create posts to current topics, for example, a public holiday, awareness day or an event. Which means you’ll rank high in searches leading to more likely to be re-posted, picked up from the press and to go viral. 


Getting ahead of the game also means you can be more creative and re-use again!

How to create a Social Media or Content Calendar.

  • Print of however many monthly plans you need. 
  • Block out a couple of hours at least. I would say ideally somewhere you feel relaxed and can think. For example, I normally go to a cafe I find the mind wonders at home. Also just try and do it in 20 minutes here and there- you need to be in the zone. Which can take a little while to get in to but once you start your ideas can really start to flow.
  • Start with key dates, holidays and relevant days. (National Women’s Day, Christmas, Halloween… you get the gist right.)
  • Important Dates. Your businesses birthday, your birthday or maybe something like political/sporting events- they can spark ideas for content.
  • Upcoming events or new product launches. This encourages you to plan ahead and get people on to the sales train!
  • Awareness days/weeks. There are some lighthearted days out there but if you sell donut earrings, you should have national donut day in there! Then there are some more serious days, national cancer day or mental health week are important to have in there. Plus if you know these days ahead of time- you have content ready it’s game-changing for you and your business. Press and companies are on the lookout constantly for relevant content to put out.
  • Now, brain dump any more ideas you have! If you need a hand, check out the Social Media Ideas Blog Post.
    And remember don’t let it go stagnant you should keep adding to it throughout. 

Oh and you can find out the awareness days in the U.K here or National here.

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