10 Top tips to make your market stall the best!

If you’re a market virgin, never fear! Here are ten top tips, the market 101 to make the best out of a terrific day!

1. Smile

Simple, but effective. A smile can take you a long way at a trade fayre, so don your best grin and get selling! Whether you’re hungover, ill , or just tired, a smile can get you everywhere and gives the impression that you are an approachable person! So show off those pearly whites and exercise those cheek muscles!

2. Talk

The gift of the gab is a must have at any Trade Fayre. Don’t be scared to talk to prospective customers, they won’t bite! Be friendly and keep them engaged, talk about more than just your product. Though you are there to sell, you also want to create a loyal customer, so invest in them personally, treat them like a mate rather than a customer! 

3. Sell, Sell, Sell!

Let’s face it, this is the main reason you’re here. You’re ready to sell your bespoke products to the public. Unfortunately they won’t sell themselves! Know your product inside out. Why is this product good for them? Selling clothing means I can tell people they will look amazing in an item, and I will genuinely mean it!

4. Card Reader

Who in 2018 does not pay by card? It is a rarity for people to pay with good old fashioned cash nowadays, it’s all about contactless and apple pay. So don’t miss out on a large proportion of sales! Be prepared for all payment methods on the day!

5. Learn as you go along

Every market is different to the next, no two are the same. These different experiences allow you to learn so much, and help you develop for future fayres. Don’t beat yourself up if the fayre doesn’t go as well as you thought it would. Label it as experience, and look at how you can improve!


6. Pitch perfect

Know your pitch inside out. If a person seems interested in your product, and is having a good old nosey, head over to them and give them your pitch. Create a conversation with your brand at the heart!

7. Be prepared

Fail to prepare, then prepare to fail. Make sure you are prepared for a long hard day, bring plenty of snacks and a friend. They will keep your energy up, and at least you know you have someone to watch your stall whilst you go to the toilet , or have a quick break.

8. Layout

Make sure that your stalls layout is aesthetically pleasing. Depending on your product, different styles could work for your stall, so experiment with it! I want you to imagine your pop-up is your shop- how do you want people to feel, to smell and to see. How will you showcase your items? Be creative. (If you’re stuck Pinterest is full off amazing ideas!)


9. Business Cards

Make sure you stock up on your business cards before the big day, because people will want to know how to keep in touch with you after the fayre!  A business card with your details on is the perfect way for customers to remember you, and to get in touch!

10. Put that phone away!


Apart from the odd Instagram story to keep your followers up to date, put that phone away! Be engaged with your customers and the environment that you are surrounded by! You’ll have plenty of time to scroll through your socials when you’ve got your feet up in the evening!


There we are, ten top tips for a Trade Fayre virgin. Hopefully these little things will help you have a successful day!
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