The Pop Up Club is a community, a safe and welcoming space which allows you showcase your craft and creations to real life customers, removing the impersonal nature of technology and encouraging human interaction and connection.

Our mission is simple: we want to provide artists, makers, designers, and small businesses, that have sustainability at their core, affordable pop up spaces in high footfall locations.

Our community is everything: we invest back into our traders with free learning resources, advice, tips and meet-ups throughout the year.

Art inspires us. You inspire us.


The Pop-up is on the look out for inspiring and original high quality products, made with love and care. We work hard to keep our fees affordable, so it doesn’t cost the earth to grab a spot, keeping the independent makers at heart. The Pop-up Club privileged to represent the creative community, and bring together amazing creatives and help them grow.

We are on the lookout for inspiring original designers, artists and business.

We carefully curate our events based on these main criterias, vendors must co-assist our vision and brand aesthetics.

QUALITY High quality and beautiful materials, your products are created with love and intense care

ETHICAL either designed or made by you or sourced ethically, we will consider lightly manufactured goods

ORIGINAL Your work is original, unique and avoids over saturated trends

BRANDING your online and offline presence is aesthetically pleasing, well thought out and brand ethos is clear. We can see clear examples of your work.

– STREET FOOD– Your food is made with high quality and sustainable ingredients (Markets only)

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