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Landlord Partners

The Pop-Up Club specialises in delivering community-driven pop-up shops, marketplaces and events throughout the UK. 
We offer Landlords and Local Authorities flexible, creative and innovative solutions to activate empty or underused spaces in the ever-evolving and often challenging retail landscape.  
Our partnerships with Landlords, Local Authorities and businesses continue to successfully transform high streets, increase footfall, improve digital and community engagement, and boost the overall commercial and cultural success of an area. 

There's no time like the present

1 in 8 shops are boarded up
– British high streets lost 11,000 shops in 2020, increasing the latest vacancy rate to 14%.
– A further 18,000 shops may close in 2021 leaving thousands of boarded up high streets across the UK.

87% of UK shoppers want to see more independent shops or markets on their high street
– Majority of UK shoppers still prefer to shop in person, with 79% also agreeing that there will always be a role for in-store experiences and that the high street can offer a sense of community.
– More than half of UK consumers also prefer to buy from local brands. 
– 93.5% of consumers also want retailers to act sustainably. 

Reimagining the high street

Connecting with customers through thoughtful and meaningful experiences remains essential to the future of the high street, which is exactly what The Pop-Up Club delivers. 


Each of our events carefully selects a range of independent and local businesses to create a truly unique and diverse retail experience to complement your scheme. 


We design and build our own fixtures and create imaginative window & product displays, bespoke to each location.


All we need is the space and we organise the rest from sourcing traders, staffing to PR and promotion!


Want to work with us?

Our team of experts can curate and organise pop-up shops, marketplaces, events and workshops in your scheme or area.

Get in touch to start a conversation with The Pop-Up Club.

The Pop-Up Club were a pleasure to work with throughout. The effort they put into their first store with us was huge and it was so well received that we jumped at the opportunity to upsize them into a larger unit when it became available.
Aquila Developments
The Pop-Up Club injected new life and energy into the lane and completely transformed the unit. Their reputation and social media presence helped to introduce new customers and footfall. The Pop-Up Club are a real asset to any scheme and we look forward to welcoming them back.
Marketing & Events

Some of the places and partners