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About us.

Our story

We were tired of seeing copy and paste high streets everywhere we went – especially walking passed all the empty spaces that seemed impenetrable for small businesses like ours to access!

Starting out small, we held pop-up marketplaces – taking over our local high street once a month and giving other small businesses like ours the opportunity to test and sell their products to an increasing audience.

We built an amazing community and realised that there was power in that collective! We demonstrated the value we brought to the local area and were determined to go bigger. 

Pop-Up Shop

A community built on values

The Pop-Up Club is a community. We take empty spaces and make them beautiful – not just aesthetically, but through the values we champion: sustainability, diversity, uniqueness, and affordability.

This is a community that knows no bounds. The Pop-Up Club is an opportunity to grow this platform and increase the diversity of choice in high streets across the country.

What we do

Our mission is simple: To provide designers,  makers, artists and small businesses that have sustainability at their core an affordable platform to access the high street and grow. 

The Pop-Up Club identifies and transforms unused public spaces with the intention of adding cultural and commercial value to the local area.

We flexibly use empty, dilapidated, or difficult spaces in an imaginative way on a temporary basis, and transform those spaces into attractive, vibrant, and unique community assets.

Our aim is to nurture and facilitate the growth of our traders, reducing financial risk whilst providing the opportunity to grow and engage with new audiences, increasing the diversity of businesses in the local area.

Community driven

High exposure

Super accessible

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